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News Articles

Title: Using Web Services to Provide Information to Remote Windows Applications July 30, 2003
Author: Russ Nemhauser
Submitted by: Ray Dixon
Abstract: This is the first of an intended two part article on using Web Services to provide information for a remote Windows application. In the article, the author shows how to create a Web service that provides information, then a Windows application that sits in the System Tray and makes calls to the Web Service for updates.

It's a very interesting concept that I will be implementing in some tools I'm working on right now for my company.
Title: Web Services Boon for Customers, Not Investors June 12, 2003
Author: Thor Olavsrud
Submitted by: Pedro Silva
Abstract: While Web services offer tangible benefits and return on investment to customers, an industry report says investors may find it harder to profit from the technology, especially as it eats into and commoditizes the traditional bread and butter markets of IT consultancies and systems integrators.
Title: Sun joins Web services standards board March 27, 2003
Author: Martin LaMonica
Submitted by: Pedro Silva
Abstract: The Web Services Interoperability Organization Wednesday announced that Sun Microsystems and integration software company WebMethods have been elected to its board of directors.
Title: WS-I to vote on Sun's fate March 14, 2003
Author: Paul Krill
Submitted by: Pedro Silva
Abstract: A consequential joust for power in Web services standards development will unfold this week with Sun Microsystems making a bid for one of two board seats being added to The Web Services Interoperability Organization.
Title: Web services faces standards snarl March 14, 2003
Author: Martin LaMonica
Submitted by: Pedro Silva
Abstract: A group of software makers, led by IBM and Microsoft, announced a proposal to make Web services messaging more reliable, overlapping an earlier standards effort.
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