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Pedro Silva   
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1592 archer
level: 56
Member Information
Member since: 6/11/2002
School: University of Connecticut - alumni
Major: Computer Science
Homepage Url:
Experience: advanced
Submitted Tutorials
Title Category Rating Date
Single Instance Applications in WinForms C# 4 7/25/2003
DataSet Debugging Utility C# 4.8 5/20/2003
Design Pattern: Abstract Factory in C# C# 4.5 4/15/2003
Design Pattern: Factory Method in C# C# 3.7 4/8/2003
Validating Portions of an ASP.NET Page General ASP.NET 4.2 8/28/2002
Calling Web Services Asynchronously Web Services 3.8 7/29/2002
Design Pattern: Singleton in C# C# 4.4 7/22/2002
Submitted Tools
Title Category Rating Date
Creational Design Patterns Download Code Samples 4.8 4/29/2003
d20 Jump Calculator General 3.3 9/22/2002
Linked News (last 10 submissions)
Title Author Date
With cable at MIT, who needs Napster? John Schwartz 11/1/2003
Microsoft's New WinFS Gets the PDC Buzz Erin Joyce 11/1/2003
Developers get their hands on Microsoft's NGSCB Joris Evers 11/1/2003
H-1B visa cuts might not have big effect in U.S. John Ribeiro 10/22/2003
The Web Services Standards Mess Eric Newcomer 10/22/2003
Panel: Sharpen skills to keep U.S. tech edge Martin LaMonica 10/7/2003
Microsoft: A Killer App That Could Kill the Competition Commentary 9/30/2003
Web services security takes shape Martin LaMonica 9/30/2003
Kazaa Slams RIAA for Copyright Infringement Grant Gross 9/30/2003
THX to certify sound of video games Reuters 9/30/2003
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Subject Forum Date
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mscorwks.dll ??
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Shopping cart in ASP.NET app??
ASP.NET 11/20/2003
The Lord Of The Rings General Non-technical 11/19/2003
Why doesn't XBOX have any good RPGs ?
General Non-technical 11/13/2003
Why doesn't XBOX have any good RPGs ?
General Non-technical 11/12/2003
Matrix Revolutions [possible spoilers]
General Non-technical 11/12/2003
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