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Welcome to Devhood!
Now Source Code Viewable!

To learn about our aspirations for DevHood, please check out our Mission Statement. To find out more about the people who brought DevHood to life, visit About Us. We hope that DevHood will be able to help you in your development and if you have any suggestions for improvements, please feel free to Contact Us.

  • DevHood Theme for your pocketpc. Check out PocketNow for a DevHood skin you can apply to your pocketpc. PocketNow is a great resource for Windows CE devices. Its editor in chief, Jared Miniman, is also an active member of the DevHood community!

Recent News

Title Date
Author: Google's Patents Reveal Strategy To Beat Microsoft 9/30/2005
Microsoft wins first round with Google 9/14/2005
Microsoft-Google rivalry is laid bare 9/8/2005
Microsoft Buys Teleo 9/2/2005
An Introduction to the RSA Cryptosystem 6/16/2005

Recent Tutorials

Title Author
Type - Strong List in VB.Net Britto  Suresh
How to use Treeview in asp.net 1.1 ali  raza
What's new in ASP.NET VERSION 2 ali  raza
Intro to Constructors in C# Neeraj  Saluja
Building XML File in C# Ricky  Zou

Recent Tools

Title Author
Presentation: ASP.NET Essentials: state, authentication, web services Daniele  Pagano
Presentation: GUI Usability and Design Principles Daniele  Pagano
Presentation: 3D Graphics with Direct3D 9 Daniele  Pagano
Delegates And Events Keyar  Srinivasan
Data Caching Keyar  Srinivasan

Top Tutorials

Title Author
Windows XP Visual Styles for Windows Forms Heath  Stewart
Installing Rotor on Mac OS X Aaron  Brethorst
Introduction to Regular Expressions Larry  Mak
A MultiThreaded Webserver: Introduction to Socket Programming and HTTP Lee  B
Sorting Techniques in C# Larry  Mak

Top Tools

Title Author
Log 4 .NET Terry  Danylak
Compressing files using Huffman, Burrows Wheeler, Move to front and Run length encoding Johann Vignir  Gunnarsson
XML and SOAP Presentation Daniele  Pagano
Presentation: GUI Usability and Design Principles Daniele  Pagano
XML Reader Pat  Sissons
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