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   XML Reader
  Rating: 5 out of 5 by 3 users
  Submitted: 06/24/03
Pat Sissons ()

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While i was working on a pocket pc project i realized that there was no simple way to serialize data. The next simplest way to store data in a structured manner was to use xml. I read up on how to use xml in c# and found that its quite a bothersome task to get what you want out of the xml file. So to make my life simpler (and maybe some of yours too) i created a nice XML wrapper library that makes reading and extracting XML data very simple.

Basically, my class will take an XML file, parse the data and create a simple yet structured 'node' class that contains the data in the xml file. Each node contains the following :
-Attributes (list)
-Sub-Elements (list)

So as you can see, it is very easy to navigate through the XML data. I plan to revise this class in the future (unless someone else beats me to it). Right now the class only handles Tags, Declarations and Text Segments. In the future i would like to add support for any other XML types. I am still fairly new to XML so that is why i didn't include anything else. Also i wanted to keep this class as simple as possible.

One last note, i also added a nice function that will build a tree structure for you with the XML data parsed. This is just to get a visual representation of what the class actually does.

Hope you all enjoy this! =)


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Reader's Comments Post a Comment
To all those interested in my XML Reader, I regrettably inform you that the source code no longer exists. The source code was lost in an unfortunate hard drive crash. Sorry.
-- Pat Sissons , July 02, 2004
good news for anyone who was previously interested in my xmlreader code, i have recreated most of the original code as well as made it much more code friendly. it is no longer an application but rather a library now. Email me if you want a copy as i cannot upload to this site.
-- Pat Sissons , July 21, 2004
More good news, this will officially become a Sourceforge.net project. In the next couple of days it will be available for download from sf.net. Also, it will be under continued development, so expect more features.

-- Pat Sissons , August 09, 2004
sorry, here is the url to the sourceforge project page

-- Pat Sissons , August 09, 2004
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