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Home >  Tools >  General >  Inctrl - An installation monitor
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Inctrl - An installation monitor
  Rating: 4.78 out of 5 by 32 users
  Submitted: 03/15/02

Download This Tool: Disclaimer
This tools, once installed, allows you to run an installation of any program and create an html page with all of the files/registry entries that were created/modified during the installation. The logs are great for tracking down those pesky registry entries if the program stops functioning correctly.

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Reader's Comments Post a Comment
Fanastic utility for those of us that make their living testing things. I use this tool every other day to test the installers of the products that we turn out. Keeps the devs honest ;-)
-- Captain Ward , June 26, 2001
Good tool. This could become very useful in the event an uninstall doesnt work.
-- Reid Jonasson , March 29, 2002
I agree, good find but not many opertunies to use it.
-- Sean Fitzgerald , April 06, 2002
Nice utility, for the obvious reasons. Now we just need one that tracks the registry changes that windows settings make!
-- No way , April 15, 2002
I'm sure there's one out there.
-- BYU FAN , September 19, 2002
Good tool for anyone who needs it.
-- Lee B , September 23, 2002
Please leave a comment if you're going to rate my tool.
-- BYU FAN , October 16, 2002
Useful tool when uninstall still leaves a log of time-expiring trial programs.
-- AJ Tomich , December 11, 2002
GLad you like it. The complete source code for this program is also availabe in this .zip file.
-- BYU FAN , December 12, 2002
Works great, but will it run if I upgrade to XP?
-- Ken Murray , March 24, 2003
Excellent tool. Will help track down those hidden files which keep track of demo expirations! JK ;)
-- Dave Citron , April 10, 2003
Great tool written by:
Copyright (c) 2000 Ziff Davis Media, Inc.
Written by Neil J. Rubenking

Handy tip: to use it to monitor what changes windows makes (eg when you change screen resolution) start incntrl, run up notepad.exe as the executable, wait for notepad to open. Then change whatever you want to monitor (eg screen resolution), close notepad and click 'Install done'.
Incntrl will then generate a report showing what's changed. Strip out the standard notepad.exe changes and you get a list of changes were made when you changed your screen resolution.

The principle holds good for monitoring any changes.
-- Dave Snape , July 02, 2003
good utility, but inctrl5 does not have the realtime tracking option had in inctrl4, which track the installation process better
-- Kevin Lin , July 30, 2003
I Love This Program, It Makes Fixing Issues With Install's Easy & Also Allows You To Make Sure Every Part Of The Program Is Gone.
-- Cyber Citizen , August 24, 2005
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